Terms & Conditions
BBQ;Must be off the ground,their are house bricks by the gates or water taps. Please put them back on your departure.
FIRES; For safety reasons we do not allow fires,Fireworks,Party Poppers or Fire pits
SPEED LIMIT;5 MPH at all time on our camp please.
WASTE & RUBISH; As we are a recyling campsite we ask you to help by using the correct bins provided. 
WARNING;Due to overhead electric cables,We can not allow kite flying or model planes,We have a one field where planes & kites can be flown.  We also ask that you do not let children climb on gates or fencing & walls.   
ANIMALS;We ask you not to feed the animals as they each have their own dietry needs and other food can and will kill them.  
LIABILITY;We do not accept liability of any description of any persons or property whilst staying at Fedw-Uchaf,We recomened you have your own Holiday Insurance.
Right to Refuse;We reserve the right to refuse site entry to anyone,or to eject anyone under the influnce of alcahol,or the use of bad language,No car with Loud exhausts allowed on our camp.
CHILDREN;Parents are responsilble for the their children at all times this means anywhare on camp.Children are not allowed to drive cars on this camp.
REFUNDS;We do not give refunds for early departures or if you are asked to leave,No mater what.Booking fees are not refundable or trasferable for any reason.
We wish you all a happy holiday with us.
We hope your stay with us is a happy one.
Noise & Nusance;We ask everyone young and mature to have respect for the other people on camp,so no loud music or tv,bad language or drunken behaviour,we do not want to ask you to leave,but we will when necessary.No refunds will be given.    
So please dont feed them.
Visitors;We like to see day visitors this includes anyone coming to visit family on camp,you must let us know if you wish to have visitors, But they must sign the day visitors book you will also need to tell us when you are leaving as we need to know to sign you out, visiting time is 10 am to 8 pm any customer wishing their day visitors to stay longer must clear this first with Stan or Ellen.    
Drivers;When arriving back on camp after dark please dip your headlights and be as quiet as possible.thank you.